Car JACK: ‘Lumberjacks’

Duane Schranz, Tristan Keys, Peter Butler

KI to the Capital 2020

Car JACK: ‘Lumberjacks’

Theme: Lumberjacks
Car: 1986 Volvo 264GLE
Crew: Tristan “Jack” Keys, Duane “Stinger” Schranz, Peter “Kevin” Butler

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Team Bio

We are 3 absolute Iegends in our own minds who love a giggle and helping others. All three lumberjacks are hardworking, probably the hardest working humans you will find on two legs with massive hearts. We share, we care and we love a cold morning especially when it’s in a swag, next to a fire and on an island. Fun fact, Stinger has spent the Iast 3 months solid on Kl helping clean up after the devastation caused by the terrible fires. So if anyone needs tips on where to do anything make sure you call him on 0401 102 396 anytime night or day. “Kevin” once had a mint old Datsun. He Ioved that car, until his house collapsed on top of it and it all burned to the ground. Ask him to tell you the story and bring a tissue. We are on our 3rd official tour with Variety and are excited to say 2020 is on. We want to thank a few special people who helped get us back to the start line. First up is “Big Dog” for rebuilding our engine top to bottom. Our amazing “PD Shed Crew” who all did amazing things like rebuilding the complete electrical wiring harness on a 40-year-old car, we appreciate your kindness and value your expertise. Complete Alignments for all the work you guys did for us on the suspension, without you all we are not taking part so thank you. Last but not least the most amazing Iadies behind the scenes Tash, Bridgette and Mel you are so Iucky to have us three in your Iives, thank you for the credit card, love you all. Please come and say hi to us on the track, ask us how we get our hands so smooth and beards so gIossy, we are happy to share hygiene tips and tricks when in the sticks.

Sponsors we would like to thank:
CMV Foundation, Bordertown Haulage, Rob Sinclair Equipment, M and D Fuels, Chris Barron Bullbars, Smith Haulage, Webb Haulage, Mansfield Park Hotel, McArdle Transport, Monaghan Transport, Simpson Signs, Chase Finance, Truck Art, Jost Australia, Jeffries Detailing and Window Tinting, Royal Park Salvage, Jurkovich Cranes