Car MLC: ‘Runaway Brides’

Sandra Lukin, Deb White, Emma Pedler, Karen Leurs

KI to the Capital, South Australia 2020

Car MLC: ‘Runaway Brides’

Theme: Runaway Brides
Car: 1980 Holden VB Statesmen
Crew: Sandra Lukin, Deb White, Emma Pedler, Karen Leurs

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Team Bio

We’d love to talk about last year’s runaway success, but the Boss is back and we’re told it doesn’t count because she wasn’t in the car. Looks like back rubs, dance floor antics and shots all round again in 2020, if we’re allowed to get that close. With Boss Bride Sandra Lukin in the driver’s seat it will be a no-nonsense, bloody serious event. Well the shots won’t be half-filled anyway.  Mumma-D Deb White has been polishing up her bridal dancing shoes to show off her two-step skills that were hidden in the back with the jack and the spare for the last two years. Bad Bride Emma Pedler is looking forward to being boss of the back seat and riding pedal to the metal as she takes her virgin monitors badge very seriously.  Charmaine Caston might be the virgin but she’s a dab hand at big event planning and can erect just about anything with enough shirtless men. Don’t be fooled, we might go off like a bride’s nightie but we’re serious about making a difference for the kids. Catch you for a cold KIS gin tonight or a double if you want trouble.