Car YOGI: ‘Beach Boys (Hawaiian)’

Kym Altmann, Craig Daykin, Tim Knappstein, Peter Brown

KI to the Capital, South Australia 2020

Car YOGI: ‘Beach Boys (Hawaiian)’

Theme: Beach Boys (Hawaiian)
Car: 1982 380 SEL Mercedes
Crew: Kym Altmann, Craig Daykin, Tim Knappstein, Peter Brown

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Team Bio

Kym Altmann, (Manages the Northern Network for Australia Post South Australia and is about to celebrate 50 years with them next year) – Craig Daykin, (Builder and Owner of the Adelaide Hills Bluestone Quarry and Adelaide Hills Retaining Walls – See Craig for your supplies of some majestic Bluestone), Tim Knappstein – Director/General Manager of RNW Fire Services – A South Australian company offering a ‘one stop shop’ for Fire Protection Solutions for your business

Kym and Craig are back for their 2nd consecutive Bash.  Tim is the Virgin this year, but he will fit in well having been influenced and guided by two sensible people at the GE Hotel over past years in Kym and Craig…….

Our theme this year is ‘Beach Boys Hawaiian Style’ – Lookin’ forward to some great times again as we work towards raising funds for the Variety family who do so much for the kids in need of South Australia.

Sponsors we would like to thank:

Littlehampton Brickworks – Adelaide Hills Bluestone – RNW Fire Services – Great Eastern Hotel and Patrons – Judith Balfour – Mount Barker Steel – Bridgestone Select Tyre and Auto Mount Barker and Murray Bridge – SA Suspension Centre – Kwik Copy