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The Variety Sprout 2 Fund is phase two of the very successful grant initiative introduced in 2018. In 2022, Variety SA which will now offer a maximum of six organisations and/or individuals a grant of up to $150,000 in total over three years (2022 – 2024). This will see us commit to an investment of $900k for the futures of South Australian children.

Though our grants program, Variety helps children in need by directly funding to families and organisations. Variety Sprout Fund 2 aims to support organisations to achieve greater impact on children in the SA community. The goal of the program is to enable each successful organisation to grow or innovate in their area of expertise, without the pressure of sourcing funds.

Successful applicants will receive $150,000 funding across three consecutive years. This may include wages and other costs, enabling them to concentrate on their core business – helping more children.

Anyone with an innovative program or initiative to support children in the state is encouraged to apply.

Sprout Fund

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can apply?
Individuals or organisations achieving great results for children in need in SA or with a new idea which could close the gap on unmet needs for South Australian children up to 18 years of age.

What can I apply for?
Variety SA supports causes that assist children up to 18 years of age.
Applications are welcome for a broad range of program proposals. This includes the expansion of an existing program or new initiative that will make a positive difference for children in need.

What will Sprout Fund 2 not fund?
The following types of applications will NOT be considered:
– Ongoing funding, such as repairs or maintenance of equipment
– Research
– General and cash donations
– Retrospective funding

Grant applications may not be considered where alternative funding sources are available, unless ineligibility documents are provided.

Exisiting programs will not be considered unless the applicant aims to expand an existing program or start a new project (eg into regional communities or a new sector where there is unmet need).

What is the requirement for funding from other sources?
There is no requirement.
If the total project/program costs exceed $150,000 over three years the applicant will need to demonstrate confirmed and/or proposed sources of funding to cover the difference.
If there is funding available from other sources, particularly from government, this should be applied for.
If there is no other funding available, applicants can apply for the total project/program costs up to a maximum of $150,000 over three years.

How will I receive the funding?
Variety does not provide cash grants.  It is a requirement of Sprout 2 that Variety pays the suppliers direct on receiving an invoice.  In some cases, it may be necessary to pay up front and claim reimbursement. If this occurs a reimbursement form will need to be filled out and submitted with relevant receipts.

In the case of wages –  Proof of wages paid relating to the program will be provided and Variety will reimburse the organisation for the direct wage or contractor cost.

Funds will be available from the 1 July each year and can be claimed in monthly instalments through a payment acquittal process.

How can I apply?
Applications are completed and submitted online
The application form can be previewed in advance and once started, the application can be saved and returned to at any time.
Please note the requirement for supporting documentation to be uploaded as part of the application process.
Applications close 9 March 2022. Please be aware we are expecting a large number of applications, which will take some time to process. A member of Variety’s Grants Committee may follow up with you via telephone, email or in person to discuss your application further.

Key dates
Applications open – 2 February 2022
Applications close – 9 March 2022
Successful applicants advised – May 2022
Funding available – 1 July 2022

Further information
Phone: 8293 8744
Email: [email protected]

Previous Sprout Fund Organisations

Meet the previous eight South Australian organisations who received Sprout funding:

Autism SA – Developed a public-access sensory/social space at their new site at Elizabeth providing a mix of; quiet nooks, noisy headphones, “magic” projections, gaming equipment, IT resources, wi-fi, soft mats, LEDs, interactive and therapeutic activities to meet sensory & gross motor skills-development needs.

The Carly Ryan Foundation – Created a safer community through educational awareness of online safety and the prevention of physical, emotional and sexual abuse of youth.

Danny’s Place – Carried out their ‘Be Your Best’ lifestyle education program, a unique, innovative, fun and compassionate clinic operating outside of a hospital setting. The funding supported an additional 30 SA children per year, who otherwise couldn’t access the service due to finances and the limited availability of public resources.

Down Syndrome – Gave children living with Down Syndrome the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. The funding enabled them to provide consultancy services to 36 children and their families, through a minimum of 2 visits per year, from a Senior Education Consultant traveling to regional South Australia, including Roxby Downs, Port Lincoln and the Riverland.

Encounter Youth – Fast tracked the growth of their Party Safe Education program, reaching more than 23,000 students, parents and teachers. This has helped to close the gap between regional and metropolitan schools when it comes to drug and alcohol education.

Foodbank SA – Rolled out ‘Fresh Food Fridays’, a program which provides disadvantaged school kids in South Australia with fresh food to take home over the weekend to last until they get back to school.

Still Aware – Promoted awareness of stillbirth to expectant families through their Safe Pregnancy Packs and Be Still Be Aware Podcast, as well as providing further stillbirth education to Clinicians & Healthcare Professionals worldwide.

Multicultural Youth SA – Introduced the ‘Gateway: Refugee Child and Adolescent Early Intervention and Prevention Program’ for children with special needs which were caused as a result of malnutrition and inability to access timely medical support in refugee camps overseas. The funding enabled MYSA to fund a senior social worker to provide intensive support to these children and families.