SA Variety Bash 2021 – Gold Door Panel Night

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SA Variety Bash 2021 – Gold Door Panel Night

Thank you to everyone who attended the SA Variety Bash Gold Door Panel Night on Thursday, 12 August at The Adelaide Entertainment Centre to help us celebrate the incredible efforts our Bash entrants have put in over the past 12 months against all odds.

Congratulations to Port Lincoln team, Variety Bash SA Car MLC (The Runaway Brides) who have earnt the title of the ‘Highest Fundraisers’ for the 2021 SA Variety Bash after fundraising a sensational $206,400! In second place, Car HOGS with $142,545.69 and in third place was OV1 with $135,415.05.

A fantastic effort all round, every cent raised plays an important part in helping kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

Top 10 Highest Fundraisers:

1st: Car MLC – ($206,400)

2nd: Car HOGS – ($142,545)

3rd: OV1 – ($135,415)

4th: Car 58 / BS58 – (75,439)

5th: Car RED – ($70,098)

6th: Car 88 – ($66,827)

7th: Car 041 – ($64,210)

8th: Car 708 / BS708 – ($61,681)

9th: Car TORO / BST – ($57,407)

10: Car CAR – ($52,692)

Congratulations to all of our amazing fundraisers. You should all be very proud of the incredible effort in very challenging times. A fantastic job all round supporting SA kids in need.