Do a ton of good this harvest!

‘Ton of Grain does Tons of Good’ is an innovative way to make big impact in rural communities.

When you deliver your grain to the silo, donate some to Variety – the Children’s Charity.
Your donation will help South Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or living with disability to live, laugh and learn.

Ramsey Bros and Variety SA have enjoyed a long and rewarding partnership for over 25 years, positively impacting the lives of countless South Australian kids in need, and their families’ too. As part of our ongoing partnership, we’re proud to tell you how you can make a big impact to kids in your own community this harvest. 

When you deliver your grain to the silo this harvest, you genuinely can make a difference by donating a ton (or more) to their ‘Ton of Good’ initiative to help them continue to change lives — it’s easy to get involved! 

  1. Head to the silo to deliver your grain and stop, drop and donate (a ton or more) using Card No. 13633480; or 
  2. Make an online donation via the Viterra portal;
  3. Head home with a smile on your dial, knowing you’ve helped change the life of a little legend in need and their family’s too. 

We’re not afraid to dream big! Our sights are set on receiving 500 tons of grain for Variety to re-invest in our local communities and this innovative program,  will go a long way in ensuring that all kids are able to reach their potential, just as they deserve! 

We’re always looking at new ways to raise money outside of our suite of traditional motoring events, and the Ton of Good initiative is a simple way that our farming community can get involved during harvest,” says Brenton Ramsey, Variety SA Board Member.

Through our long history of embracing rural communities, most regional South Australians have experienced or witnessed the difference that Variety can make —  either through community programs or a family in need getting the support they need,” he says.

Each ton of grain will do a ton of good this harvest — so, please donate generously, knowing that you’ll be filling hearts and changing lives all at once. 

So are you like the Don, good for a ton?

For more information on the Ton of Grain initiative, please reach out to Brenton Ramsey on 0427 802 200.