Variety Aussie Muscle Car Run 2022: Meet the Teams

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Variety Aussie Muscle Car Run 2022
‘City to Coast’

Meet the Teams:

Car 01: 'EP West Coasters'

CAPTAIN: Wayne Little
CO-DRIVER: Trudy Blake
VEHICLE: 1975 Holden SLR Torana

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Car 1: 'The Two Dukes'

CAPTAIN: Marcello Caiazza
CO-DRIVER: Angelo Carrozza
VEHICLE: 1972 Chrysler Valiant RT charger

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Car 2: 'The Misfits'

CAPTAIN: Joseph (Joe) Martino
CO-DRIVER: Anthony Graziani
VEHICLE: 1976 Holden Torana

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Car 3: 'Team Lucky'

CAPTAIN: Brian Luckraft
CO-DRIVER: Steve Luckraft
VEHICLE: 1973 Ford Falcon GT

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Car 04: '4 Door Slammers'

CAPTAIN: Brett Lonnee
CO-DRIVER: Angie Lonnee
VEHICLE: 1969 Ford XW GT Falcon

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Car 05: 'Hold On'

CAPTAIN: Darryl Mincham
CO-DRIVER: Deb Mincham
VEHICLE: 1976 Holden LS SS Hatch

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Car 6: 'Holden Heros'

CAPTAIN: Peter Keley
CO-DRIVER: Phil Aitken
VEHICLE: 1978 Holden Torana

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Car 696: 'XR Pursuit'

CAPTAIN: Damian Stratton
CO-DRIVER: Ken Stratton
VEHICLE: 1968 XR Ford Falcon

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CAPTAIN: Jim Kontopoulos
CO-DRIVER: Leon Seltsikas
VEHICLE: 1972 Valiant VH R/T Charger

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Car 007: 'The Goodfellas'

CAPTAIN: Antonio De Francesca
CO-DRIVER: Enzo Tomassoni
VEHICLE: 1974 Holden Torana

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Car 08: 'Mopar Machine'

CAPTAIN: Donato Caiazza
CO-DRIVER: Lorenzo Morelli
VEHICLE: 1964 Chrysler AP5

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Car 10: 'Team Grange Homes'

CAPTAIN: Tony Caruso
CO-DRIVER: Maurice Russo
VEHICLE: 1974 Valliant Charger

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Car 12: 'Cruzin Cousins'

CAPTAIN: Phil Galwey
CO-DRIVER: Tim Lucas
VEHICLE:1977 Holden LX Torana

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Car 13: 'MiniManiks'

CAPTAIN: David Wallis
CO-DRIVER: Jane Wallis
VEHICLE: 1968 Morris Mini Cooper

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Car 015: 'PitmanTrucks''

CAPTAIN: David Pitman
CO-DRIVER: Sharon Farrel-Adams

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Car 16: 'Fun Inc'

CAPTAIN: Graeme Carrigan
CO-DRIVER: Douglas Leslie
VEHICLE: 1971 Ford Falcon XY

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Car 17: 'Happily ever after'

CAPTAIN: Carolyn Siljama
CO-DRIVER: Kari Siljama
VEHICLE: 1991 Ford Fairmont

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Car 21: 'XW Hoons'

CAPTAIN: Tony Wilson
CO-DRIVER: Rhys Devlin
VEHICLE: 1960 XW Ford Falcon

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Car 22: 'Cruising for Cancer'

CAPTAIN: Jeff Gilbert
CO-DRIVER: Pam Frith
VEHICLE: 1968 Falcon XRGT

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Car 28: 'Night Stalker'

CAPTAIN: Alan Stalker
CO-DRIVER: Julie Stalker
VEHICLE: 1972 Holden Torana XU1

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Car 30: 'The Builders'

CAPTAIN: Chris Bunting
CO-DRIVER: Kym McPeake
VEHICLE: 1965 Ford Shelby Replica

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Car 34: 'Team Pacer'

CAPTAIN: Robert Wann
CO-DRIVER: Benjamin DePalma
VEHICLE: 1971 Chrysler Valiant pacer replica

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Car 37

CAPTAIN: Tim Corbett
CO-DRIVER: Brady Corbett

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Car 51d: 'DJFREIGHT'

CAPTAIN: Simon Gent
CO-DRIVER: David Stuchbury
VEHICLE: 1969 Holden Monaro

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Car 52: 'Woodstock'

CAPTAIN: Shane Woods
CO-DRIVER: Stewart Woods
VEHICLE: 1970 Ford XW Falcon

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Car 59: 'Parkeyre'

CAPTAIN: Dale Parker
CO-DRIVER: Todd Parker
VEHICLE: 1969 Ford XW Falcon

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Car 62: 'City Concrete Pumping'

CAPTAIN: Nick Borrelli
CO-DRIVER: Luca Borrelli
VEHICLE: 1970 Ford XW GT Ute

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Car 65: 'Team FNS'

CAPTAIN: Sam Morris
CO-DRIVER: David Morris
VEHICLE: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

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Car 68

CAPTAIN: Allen Hughes
CO-DRIVER: Ashley Harris
VEHICLE: 1968 Ford Falcon XT

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Car 70: 'RUF 70 Racing'

CAPTAIN: Jeffrey McKerlie
CO-DRIVER: Jeffrey McKerlie Jnr
VEHICLE: 1970 Ford Falcon

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Car 71: 'SA Mushrooms'

CAPTAIN: Nick Femia
CO-DRIVER: Nat Femia
VEHICLE: 1971 Ford Falcon

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Car 71c: 'Purpul'

CAPTAIN: Snow Merrett
CO-DRIVER: Stuart Merrett
VEHICLE: 1973 Holden LJ Torana XU1

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Car 73: 'Darwin XA GT'

CAPTAIN: Gordon Jabour
CO-DRIVER: Mick Thickbroom
VEHICLE: 1973 Ford XA GT

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Car 073: '2 Fat too Furious'

CAPTAIN: John Desteno
CO-DRIVER: Angelo Benedetti
VEHICLE: 1973 Ford Fairmont

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Car 76: 'Team Brock'

CAPTAIN: Darran Crabb
CO-DRIVER: Graeme Haese
VEHICLE: 1975 Holden LH Torana

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Car 77: 'Getting There Soon'

CAPTAIN: Robert Wilson
CO-DRIVER: Cary Coleman
VEHICLE: 1977 Holden HX Monaro

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Car 78: 'Holden Rev Heads'

CAPTAIN: John Crabb
CO-DRIVER: Tricia Cash
VEHICLE: 1978 Holden GTS

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Car 79: 'Fox on the Run'

CAPTAIN: Jeff Elston
CO-DRIVER: Antonella Vitelli
VEHICLE: 1970 Ford Capri

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Car 84: 'Team ANGR (ShedSpec2)'

CAPTAIN: Bruce Baker
CO-DRIVER: Darren Rundle
VEHICLE: 1984 Holden VK HDT Group C Replica

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Car 85: 'Team ShedSpec'

CAPTAIN: Colin Baker
CO-DRIVER: Jaxson Baker
VEHICLE: 1985 Holden VK SS

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Car 86: ‘Pedders No Bull Stang’

CAPTAIN: Grant Phillips
CO-DRIVER: Kat O’Shaughnessy
VEHICLE: Ford Mustang 1966

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Car 88: 'Hammerdown'

CAPTAIN: Alex Ramsay
CO-DRIVER: David Ramsay
VEHICLE: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

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Car 90: 'The Fuel Man'

CAPTAIN: Debbie Mahar
CO-DRIVER: Michael Mahar
VEHICLE: 1980 Holden Brock Commodore

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Car 111: 'Speedliner'

CAPTAIN: Layton Mckechnie
CO-DRIVER: Neville Johnson
VEHICLE: 1982 Holden VH SS

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Car 308: 'The Goomba's'

CAPTAIN: Achille Pennino
CO-DRIVER: Claudio Silvestri

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Car 351: 'Cruizeaiders'

CAPTAIN: Leanne Brown
CO-DRIVER: Karl Brown
VEHICLE: 1975 Ford XB GT Falcon

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Car 888: 'Hillbilly's'

CAPTAIN: Gary Edwards
VEHICLE: 1977 50th Anniversary Holden HX

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Car 911: 'Coldstream Racing'

CAPTAIN: Ian Ramsay
CO-DRIVER: Peter Gibson
VEHICLE: 1974 Holden HJ Monaro Replica

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CAPTAIN: David Vincent
CO-DRIVER: Hunter Vincent
VEHICLE: 1971 Ford Falcon XY

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