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Variety SA Brand Resources

See listed below the assets currently available for download to help with your Variety SA fundraiser

  • (png)Proudly Supporting Variety (Red Square)152 KBDownload
  • (png)Proudly Supporting Variety (Horizontal)46 KBDownload
  • (jpg)Proudly Supporting Variety (Stacked)1000 KBDownload
  • (png)Proudly Supporting Variety (Red Circle)96 KBDownload

Fundraising Flyers, Posters, Guides and more...

If you require any other assets than those provided above: please contact the Variety SA Fundraising team

Do you need a Variety grant video for your fundraiser? Download one here

  • (docx)Fundraising event invitation_template SA (2021)526 KBDownload
  • (pdf)A-Z Fundraising Tips (For the WORKPLACE) SA345 KBDownload
  • (pdf)A-Z Fundraising Tips (Community) SA334 KBDownload
  • (pdf)Variety SA - Community Fundraiser Flyer (A4)1 MBDownload
  • (pdf)How your donation helps SA211 KBDownload
  • (pdf)Fundraising Poster - A4 (Printable Form)5MBDownload
  • (pdf)Fundraising Poster - A4 (Interactive Form)4 MBDownload
  • (pdf)Fundraising in 2021 (SA) Guide Book2 MBDownload
  • (pdf)How to Fundraise with Facebook (Variety SA)1 MBDownload

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