Workplace Giving Program

The Variety Workplace Giving Program is a simple yet powerful way for you and your employees to support South Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs.

Donations are automatically deducted from your employee’s salary before tax is applied, hence reducing their taxable income. The employee is entitled to an automatic tax deduction, whilst Variety gets the full value of the amount donated. This also reduces administration costs for Variety, helping us direct funds to where they are needed most!

More and more businesses are offering Workplace Giving as it demonstrates to employees, clients and customers that your business is community minded and committed to supporting the community. Workplace Giving is simple to set up with very little work involved by your company.

How does it work?

Your Payroll team deducts the amount specified from the employee’s gross /  pre-tax earnings. This deduction is made after calculating superannuation contributions but before deducting PAYG tax. This way the employee gets an immediate tax benefit. All modern payroll systems can facilitate Workplace Giving donations.

Upon each pay cycle, your Payroll will electronically transfer the donation from the employee to Variety in one simple transaction. There is very little extra work involved and there are no tax forms to complete. You will need to keep a copy of forms completed by your employees authorising you to make deductions from their pay   and a record of the total deductions made from each employee’s  pay.

Each time you transfer funds to Variety, an emailed remittance should be supplied  to Variety for reconciliation.

How we can help...

Promoting your participation in the Variety Workplace Giving program is easy.

We can supply you with:

  • Lunch room posters
  • Individual Employee Sign-Up Cards
  • Web banners for your intranet
  • Variety SA information pack

Once registered, we’ll provide you and your employees with regular information on the funds raised by your company and our grants & programs activity so you can see the impact that your contribution is making. Variety will actively engage your employees to be involved in official presentations to children in need.

Matched Giving

Matching your employee’s donation is a great way to demonstrate your business’ commitment and will encourage your employees to get on board and participate.

What do employees think?

  • 85% of employees felt it was important to give back to the community through workplace giving (pre-tax donations, time, skills and in-kind support)
  • 82% of employees would be more inclined to give to a charity through the workplace if their employer matched the donations
  • 74% of employees would prefer to give $5 a week over a year than a bulk amount.
  • 63% of employees would be happy to be automatically included in their company’s giving program

*ACF (Australian Charities Fund) lightning survey – 200 working Australians as per Pro Bono Australia 30/07/14.