2 Apr 2019

Variety Kids Easter Picnic

Each year South Australian children in need are treated to a day of fun with; entertainment, snacks and lunch at the annual Ladies of Variety Children’s Easter Picnic.

This year’s event will be held on Tuesday, 2 April

Party animals hit the Adelaide Zoo for the annual Variety Kids’ Easter Picnic run by the Ladies of Variety (2018).

More than 1500 children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, along with 840 carers and representatives from schools and organisations around the state, attended the Adelaide Zoo for the annual Variety Easter Picnic thanks to the Ladies of Variety volunteer committee. Children were treated to entertainment, lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Those in attendance enjoyed: Acrobatic Bouncers, Origami Stilt Creatures, roaming Easter Bunny, Variety Mascot as well as all of the resident zoo animals. The purpose of these events is to give children a day out to enjoy activities just like other children!

The Picnic would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers and our generous supporters: Adelaide Zoo, Cochrane’s, Kytons Bakery Australia, Mercedes College, Rotary Club and Don Aston. Thank you also to the Ladies of Variety committee for their amazing work in organising these fantastic events.

For more information, or to register to volunteer go to the Ladies of Variety page.

Photo Gallery

Check out the News report from the event on Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide

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For more information about Ladies of Variety, to donate or register to volunteer, head to Ladies of Variety

Volunteer to Assist

If you would like to Volunteer to assist with Ladies of Variety SA please:

  1. Download and complete the National Police Certificate Application click here
  2. Take this form, together with your Proof of Identification, to your local Police Station.
  3. Once these forms have been verified by SAPOL, send all forms to Variety:
    Attention: Tanya Apostolopoulos
    Variety – the Children’s Charity Tent 75 South Australia
    PO Box 1235, Marleston, SA, 5033
    or Fax:
    Attention: Tanya Apostolopoulos
    8293 8725
    or Email:
    Tanya Apostolopoulos
    Phone 8293 8744 with any queries
  4. Variety will sign the forms and send them to SAPOL on your behalf. Please note that there is no fee payable as you are volunteering with children.
  5. SAPOL will then post the original certificate to you.
  6. Send a copy of the certificate to Variety at the above address.

We thank you for your assistance

Learn more about Ladies of Variety (L.O.V.)